Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My answer for why you should marry me!!

I am an Engineer from an Indian Engineering College-  So this answers pretty much a lot!!

I am average/a bit better than average looking guy. Be safe that there is no girl who has a huge crush on me and I wouldn’t cheat on you. If not for my ethics, my looks also might not favor me J and, not bad either(in case you stop reading !!!)

I have an i-20, a flat, a 2 floor house, a site.(My father’s possession) A mid managerial position in an MNC with a reliable profile and quite good pay. You are secured.

I or my family is not looking for dowry. My dad too married without a rupee of dowry.(Relevant.India.)

I am a good cook. Will cook all that a normal housewife would cook. So, not depending on your cooking skills and flexible to eat whatever you cook with a grain of salt and love !

You needn’t do the household chores. A maid is already employed who does all that. You were most likely brought up like a princess and now will live the life of a Queen. #IAssure

I am a very good listener. Will listen to all that you say. Your neighbor’s friend’s puppy to your childhood crush to your grandfather’s old transistor to anything.. Your talk makes you even more cute.

I get intrigued by many topics- Finance, Relationships, Science, Travel, History, Music, Art, Economy, Entrepreneurship,  everything. So you will have a lot to speak to me.

I hate Cricket. Will never pesk you for the remote during a match. And if you watch, I will get back to blogging or accompany you.

When I am watching TV and my mom or brother come and sit with me, I’d turn off the TV and speak. If the TV was not named an Idiot box, I would have named it! So, the importance is always on you. Tv has the last preference.

You never have to take my permission to visit your parents. Just an intimation will do.
It’s a rule that you should NOT sacrifice your dreams/vision/passion. Will always support you in all your endeavours. Free to study further/work as long as you want/take off and pursue your interests like music/teaching/acting/guitar… basically live the life that you want to.

I am witty. Will make you smile even at your  aunt’s funeral.

I like playing the Violin, my mom Veena, my brother flute. I love guitar also. I listen to rock, Metal,Jazz, melody, Carnatic Classical. So your interests cannot be beyond my taste. You can listen to anything or  even be free from all the music!

Movie buff! Weekends are always occupied. No lazy sleepy weekends unless you want it :-p

Extremely caring. My mom and my ex are proofs. (Reference will be provided) :-p

I would love to travel the World and explore different places, culture, food. You have a great company.

My parents are extremely broad minded and liberal. You can continue to wear your skirt, have Chicken at a friend place, ice cream at 12 mid night, Raasta/CCD at 1am.. just anything.#Freedom.

If my mom asks me to take her to a friend’s place and you ask me for a movie at the same time, precedence will be given to you and my parents have the maturity to give precedence to a new entrant!(In case the reason is for a doc/imp function/ anything, scenarios can be discussed and options kept open)

You will continue to retain all your friends, meet them during a re-union, hang out with them whenever possible.

Most of all: You are what you are. You will retain your identity.

This is just a comprehensive list and points were compiled over a few years. True to the best of my knowledge and typed it without the influence of Alcohol.

This will be archived and a huge print out taken and hung on wall. Will promise to live by these.
Are you searching for me???? :-) :-)


Aakash said...

ನೀನು ಮಾರ್ಕೆಟಿಂಗ್ ನಲ್ಲಿ ನಿಪುಣಾನೆಂಬುದು ತಿಳಿಧಿರುವ ವಿಶೆಯ!! :)

ಹೆಂಡತಿ ಎಂಬುವಳು ಸುಖವನ್ನು ಮಾತ್ರವಲ್ಲದೆ ಕಸ್ಟ ವನ್ನೂ ಹಂಚಿಕೊಳ್ಳುವಳಾಗಬೇಕು !! ಇದರೆಡೆ ಗಮನ ಹರಿಸು .

Vamshee said...

I think in a point where i said I will make her smile even in a funeral, it means i will be beside in all difficulties.

And, please don't say marketing.
My blog and my diary. can't be a marketing stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Yes I am searching for you. As a girl now I know wat to look for in a guy. U knowing what to give a girl makes u very special. Lucky girl out there!

priya said...

my heart touched. Never change. Always be the same. Yes. Very lucky girl

Archana said...

Now I am going to take a print out of this and show it to my fiance. These will be his rules! Hope I get your permission to use your write up. You are an awesome guy

neha said...

You seem to be an ideal husband every girl dreams of. Read about such in fictional stories. Glad to read in a blog also. All the best for your partner search.

vamshee said...

Searching for me?? Then purpose served!!

laxmiNarayan said...

Mrs. Archana, I guess you can takea printout but please do not set rules. Coz he's your fiance and not your resource. And by the way, everyone has their own way of treating their girl or wife. Enjoy the way he treats. Don't copyright.

vamshee said...

I don't understand whats so great in this. girls appreciating this post puts me to shame. I hope soon these become the most basic prerequisites of any guy.
Feel free to use it. Tell me if I can improve in any way.. I mean if any point is missing.
And, all the best to you!!

laxmiNarayan said...

Mrs. Archana, I guess you can takea printout but please do not set rules. Coz he's your fiance and not your resource. And by the way, everyone has their own way of treating their girl or wife. Enjoy the way he treats. Don't copyright.

Archana said...

Yes. I agree. The rule I'm stressing on is wherw this writer says- not to let go of a girl's identity. If I set rules I'd be a fool again. And its very important to respect each other's views and value their space. The mutual respect is missing these days. this author seems to have understood this.

Anonymous said...

Are you still looking for your soulmate or you have already found one!!(As per your earlier blog on your first experience of looking for you soulmate)
Very intresting blog's.

Vamshee said...

Hi anon,
I'm still looking :-(

gomti said...

Oh my god!! This just Perfect!! So gIad there are still men like you! Gives me HOPE!
Cause people are drilling into my head that expecting this is way too much and am acting pricey! (Or is it just bordering on sarcasm?? Double checking too good to be true :-) )

Vamshee said...

Thank you Gomti for dropping by.
Seen my friends, cousins and read stories in Quora... And I decided how I should be.
Zero sarcasm. Completely true.
And it's surprising that it looks extraordinary.
Donating eyes,kidney, sacrifice nothing of such sort.
Everything is a basic prerequisite I feel.
Depressing such men are in a minority.
Anyway thanks again :-)

Anonymous said...

Why don't I get to meet people like you?
Where do guys like you go out?
Theatre? Music classes?

Naveen Roy said...

Hehe, never knew you blogged. Regularly. Good luck on the next job!

Shirley B. Houghton said...

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